Myrtle sampler

The Sampler      


Welsh afternoon tea


The Sampler ~ Menu 2013

Cup of Coffee       £1.70 ~ All our Coffee is FAIR TRADE
Cafetiere of Coffee      £2.75
Decaffeinated Cafetiere      £2.75
Cappucino      £2.55
Latte      £2.55
Macchiato (espresso topped with a little frothed milk)      £1.80
Espresso      £1.50
Double Espresso     £2.25
Pot of Tea     £1.60 per person
Fair Trade Decaffeinated Tea      £1.60
Loose Leaf Fair Trade Tea      £1.95
Loose Leaf Speciality Teas All at      £2.20 per person
Japanese SenCha Green Tea      £2.20
Fruit & Herbal Infusions      £1.75

Homemade Lemonade(hot or cold)     £1.75
Fair Trade Hot Chocolate     £2.55
Luxury Hot Chocolate     £3.75
Elderflower Spritz     £1.75
Cans     £1.55
Apple or Orange Juice     £1.30
Blackcurrant High juice squash     £1.00
Bottle of Welsh Spring Water     £1.00

Welsh Cakes

Homemade Cakes from our selection (including Gluten Free)…change daily- from       £1.90
Welsh Cake & butter     85p
Barabrith (see below)      £2.15
Scone with butter (Fruit, Plain or Cheese)      £1.55
Whipped Cream       60p
Clotted Cream      75p
Homemade Jam      55p

Pembrokeshire Clotted Cream Tea

Pot of tea, homemade scone, homemade jam,
clotted cream and barabrith       £6.20

Savoury Scone

homemade cheese scone & piece of Caerfai Cheese, and homemade chutney
Pembrokeshire Clotted Cream Tea

Homemade Soup with homemade bread and butter – all our soups are suitable for vegetarians and gluten free      £4.85
With local organic cheese & bread       £5.85

Sampler Coffee Break- cafetiere of Coffee served with a selection of homemade biscuits      £4.50

Tel.  01437 720757


Barabrith loaf with a few slices ready for a cup of tea