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Welsh afternoon tea

Chris & Jill have high standards which we aim to perpetuate through our business.

Nearly all our food is homemade on the premises - even the jam - with fruit often from our own garden or picked locally.

We strongly believe that food should be ethically produced, and as unadulterated as possible. Accordingly we use as much locally sourced food as possible in order to ensure top quality as well as reducing food miles.
We are proud to feature local Caerfai Cheese as a mainstay of our menu, also local Clotted Cream from Drim Farm, Narberth, Solva Crab and local fish in season - our fruit and vegetables mostly come from local Lower Moor Nursery in St Davids - indeed some from our own garden (including fresh peppermint for our Peppermint Tea).
When food is bought in we are careful to check its quality and provenance. We are proud to be holders of the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark

Pembrokeshire Produce Mark

All our Coffee and Chocolate is Fair Trade, and as many of our other products as is practical. We also take great pride in the quality of our range of teas and coffees-aiming to bring you the very best quality with the means we have at our disposal

We make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling as much of our waste as possible –for example our homemade jam is always stored in reused jars, vegetable waste and coffee grounds are composted to put on the garden, and wooden boxes etc are used as fuel for the open fire. Energy saving light bulbs are used in all our displays and around the shop.

Customer Comments:

Some recent comments from our Visitors Book include:

1/10/08 DL Abergavenny  ‘Please keep it as it is, places like yours are a pleasure to visit’
11/8/08 MW London  ‘
The gluten free bread was delicious’
12/8/08 AG Buxton  ‘
I had no idea this little gem was tucked away in this corner of Wales’
7/8/08 JN Sunderland  ‘
Everything is beautiful-Food first class-Staff friendly’
5/7/08 N,P,N,D & V Cardiff  ‘
Fascinating displays, friendly service, lovely tea and cakes’
1/7/07 JN Tewkesbury  ‘
Fabulous-fresh, tasty, wonderful customer service – would definitely recommend you’


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